Mister Romance by Leisa Rayven

Sunday, April 30, 2017


I was hooked/intrigued from the first second on. Leisa Rayven is a living Legend! She just knows it. She is slaying my timeline like no other.

As I said, you are hooked from the beginning on. It goes from 101% to 150%. So, you are never really at 99% or 50%. It’s always more than 100%.  

The Idea of this book is too good for it’s own good. Can i say that? Yes, I guess I can. It is original and perfect. Never saw or read something like it. 

And man it is so hilarious. I couldn’t stop myself grinning like the biggest idiot. Like an idiot, who’s winning the 1th place of a „who’s the biggest idiot - contest“ 

And the references… Ugh, why are you being so nice too me Leisa Rayven. 
There are:

The Hot Shot by Kristen Callihan

Saturday, April 29, 2017

O-M-G! Godness in Book, people! 

Such a easy read with a lot of humor, really steamy scenes, swoony, flirty book. I loved it. I always had a thing for books with "from friends to lovers"and there for sure are a lot of good books, but this book just made the most of them look just simply bad. It is not rare for me to love a book too much. I actually love every third book, as the love of my life - But this book was really something else. I loved this series of Kristen Callihan. She is one of my favorite authors. And this book was for me the best out of the whole series. I am so sorry Drew, Grey and Dex. I really am but Finn is so much more. 

The best kind of magic - Crystal Cestari

What is it about:

Amber Sand is not a witch. The Sand family Wicca gene somehow leapfrogged over her. But she did get one highly specific magical talent: she can see true love. As a matchmaker, Amber's pretty far down the sorcery food chain (even birthday party magicians rank higher), but after five seconds of eye contact, she can envision anyone's soul mate.

Amber works at her mother's magic shop--Windy City Magic--in downtown Chicago, and she's confident she's seen every kind of happy ending there is: except for one--her own. (The Fates are tricky jerks that way.) So when Charlie Blitzman, the mayor's son and most-desired boy in school, comes to her for help finding his father's missing girlfriend, she's distressed to find herself falling for him. Because while she can't see her own match, she can see his--and it's not Amber. How can she, an honest peddler of true love, pursue a boy she knows full well isn't her match?

Stealing Candy - Stewart Lewis

Monday, April 24, 2017

What is it about:

Levon thinks he’s kidnapping Candy, but she’s the one calling the shots in this darkly comedic road trip story

Candy hates boarding school. As a junior, graduation is still eons away, and making films is the only way to survive the boredom.

Until she is kidnapped.

Candy panics. Along Came a Spider, Ransom, Taken, Cellular… Candy knows how these movies end. The only reason anyone would abduct her is to get a payout from her rock star father. Except Candy and her father are estranged. There’s no way he’s going to pay.

But with every hour that passes, Candy’s fear slowly recedes. Being on the road is freeing, not to mention great material for a new documentary. And the more time she spends with her handsome captor Levon, the more she learns the whole scheme is not just about ransom. It’s about revenge. What began as a kidnapping is spiraling into a crazy road trip adventure as Candy and Levon find a lot of wrong ways to do the right thing.

Mister Moneybags by Vi Keeland

Dear People! Please do yourself a favour and go read this book!


This book was one of the best reads ever! I loved it! I read it on my way from Zürich to London and then from London to Brighton. And guess what - I did not talk to anyone. I forgot the whole world around me. It was just me and the book. I mean it when I say that I need a Dexter Truitt in my life. I just really really need him. I would literally lick the bottom he lays his feet on. This addicted I am to him, people. It's not healthy anymore. And please look at this cover, DAMN IT!

Every Little Thing by Samantha Young

Thursday, April 13, 2017


I really really LOVED this book. I am still gushing over it, and I’ve read it 4 days ago. Omg – will I ever be ready for something else?

Oh my lord! This book had me from the first page. I devoured it like chocolate. I really mean it - I devoured it like there was no yesterday and there will be no tomorrow. 
From the first moment, when you read about those two protagonists, you just can feel the sexual tension and desire. But not only that, you can almost feel it in your soul -  that this thing between these non-existing characters is something amazing and unique. Their connection is so strong you can feel it in your fingers while reading. Their love develops from being enemies to lovers. 

The Paper Princess Trilogy by Erin Watt

Saturday, April 08, 2017



Thank god for boredom - Because I would have never found these books as early as I did if it wasn't for boredom. So yes thank god for boredom. 

Do you have a book, for which you wold give up chocolate? A book which conquered your heart like none or no one before. A masterpiece which changed your life in so many ways. A book where you can only grin like an idiot just only from thinking about it? Do you know that feeling? Yes? -Then you know how I feel about these three books and if your answer is No, then you have to find yourself a book which will give you the same feels. And paper princess might just be the book, which will give you that what your heart has been aching for. 

We are okay - Nina LaCour

Friday, April 07, 2017

“It’s a dark place, not knowing.

It’s difficult to surrender to.

But I guess it’s where we live most of the time. I guess it’s where we all live, so maybe it doesn’t have to be so lonely. Maybe I can settle into it, cozy up to it, make a home inside uncertainty.” 


You go through life thinking there’s so much you need…

Until you leave with only your phone, your wallet, and a picture of your mother.

Marin hasn’t spoken to anyone from her old life since the day she left everything behind. No one knows the truth about those final weeks. Not even her best friend, Mabel. But even thousands of miles away from the California coast, at college in New York, Marin still feels the pull of the life and tragedy she’s tried to outrun. Now, months later, alone in an emptied dorm for winter break, Marin waits. Mabel is coming to visit, and Marin will be forced to face everything that’s been left unsaid and finally confront the loneliness that has made a home in her heart.


Oh man... This book...

Mayhem - Jamie Shaw


I read this book back in 2016. Found it casually on a boring Saturday and started to read it. Ugh, what a sweet ride it was. It filled my heart with so much love and joy. It's the easiest-love-story I have ever read in my entire life. And I loved it soo! Sometimes we all just need to read a easy one. 

Mister Moneybags (LAUNCH)

Personal Note: I am going to guess, that this will be one of my favourite books - I mean just look at the blurb. I AM DYING! Can't wait for the 10th of April. I just can't.

(A standalone novel)
Release date 4/10/2017

A Contemporary Romance Novel

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Authors
Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward


Sorry !

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

We; Alma and me, both are really sorry - for not updating much in the past weeks. We both just have been very  busy with school, work and stuff. 
We both are really trying to read more - but the timing now is just not perfect. Got a lot of final exams coming up soon - and yes again we really are sorry..  :3 but we try our best. 

Love you all! 

The unexpected everything - Morgan Matson

Monday, April 03, 2017

 “It was like someone had turned off the sun. The center of everything was suddenly gone.” 
What is it about: 

Andie had it all planned out. When you are a politician’s daughter who’s pretty much raised yourself, you learn everything can be planned or spun, or both. Especially your future. Important internship? Check. Amazing friends? Check. Guys? Check (as long as we’re talking no more than three weeks).

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